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Using the latest techniques and tools, we transform your property into a smart home that listens to commands from your smartphone.

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Imagine dimming the lights, closing the curtains, setting the AC, or playing your favorite tunes—all with a few quick taps on your cell phone.

With CGR Systems Management Corp’s Smart Home services, turning your home into a hub of convenience and innovation is a reality. We’re here to make your home smart, adding ease and cutting-edge tech to your daily life.

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CGR Systems Management Corp

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With over 17 years’ experience in the construction industry, CGR Systems is a company dedicated to bringing excellence and quality to every project we undertake. Our founder, Carlos, brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge acquired throughout a career dedicated to the sector.

After years of learning and growing in a renowned company, where he managed the construction of multiple buildings, Carlos decided to start his own entrepreneurial journey. Since then, CGR Systems has been a symbol of innovation, quality and commitment to every client.

We pride ourselves on our high-level projects, in which every detail is carefully planned and executed to meet our clients’ highest expectations.

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